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Insight recognizes that the first step to solving any problem begins with asking the right questions. Our team of highly trained Psychologists can help you become more aware of factors affecting your well being, and create a custom tailored treatment that's right for you.

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Services Offered


We are proud to offer our Calgary Clients Psychological services including:

  • Couples, Family, & Individual Counselling
  • Psychological Assessments & Testing
  • EAP/EFAP Services
  • Much More...

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Philosophy & Approach


Our philosophy is that of a client centered approach along with a systemic and cognitive behavioural style. This allows for an enhanced connection between the client and therapist while being active and focused on making effective change in the areas needed.

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How we Can Help

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Working with a one of our caring Calgary Psychologists can help you in a variety of ways, ultimately leading to greater awareness and culminating in effective action through teaching, learning, hands on activities or homework. Contact today to find out how our trained, caring Counsellors can help!

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